Sales Management Essentials Training Course

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Sales Managers need specific skill sets to be effective Managers! The Art of Management is not just a theory – it is a necessity.  Sales Management Essentials offers the most meaningful, comprehensive and actionable Sales Management Training program available. Sales Managers need to know how to motivate, retain and reward sales professionals as well as train, coach and optimize the performance of their team. Sales Managers need to use effective and passionate communication and people skills and they need to define a strategy and set meaningful goals and objectives. Managers must measure, track and report on key sales metrics such as call average, close ratios, funnel status and new business development. Managers today must direct multi-generational, diverse workforces and deliver caring, effective leadership.

Our premier course, Sales Management Essentials, sets a standard for Sales Managers with the most comprehensive, proven and advanced skill development program available. Sales Management Essentials is tailored to recognize the unique needs of the Sales organization. For new, emerging, potential and tenured Managers, Sales Management Essentials is an absolutely mandatory course and the cornerstone for building strong, effective and respected Leaders. This Course Is A Must!

At The Performance Management Academy, “The Art of Management is Alive!”

Course Summary:
Sales Management Essentials covers the critical elements of sales management and provides the best practices and behaviours for leading strong and progressive sales teams. The course is fast paced, yet comprehensive and covers areas ranging from motivation to goal setting to recruiting and retention strategies and presentation skills. With a review of the various management theories and an understanding of practical application, this course utilizes lectures, group discussions, case studies and role playing. This is a week-long intensive course that will leave participants in a better position to positively impact their sales organization.

Course Outline and Key Topic Areas include:
•    So Now You’re a Sales Manager…
•    Sales Leadership and Motivation –  Theory and Practice
•    Management Ideologies
•    Retention and Reward
•    Performance Standards, Management, Review and Development
•    Communication and Listening Skills
•    Persuasive Sales Presentation Skills
•    Objection Handling Skills
•    Sales Planning, Account Management and Business Development
•    Effective Meeting Management
•    Recruiting and Interviewing Top Sales People
•    Keeping the Sales Funnel Full
•    Business Analysis, Strategy Development and Deployment
•    Sales Organization and Territory Goals – Including Account Objectives and Tracking
•    Training and Coaching
•    Evaluating Sales Effectiveness
•    Teams and Teamwork
•    Effective Handling of Employee Termination
•    Management Behaviours: Art of Management and the Elements of Spectacular Sales Leadership
•    Employee Engagement
•    Managing Effective Meetings
•    Management Decision Making


5 days

Who Should Attend:
New, Emerging, Potential and Tenured Sales Managers – This Course is A Must!

How You Will Benefit:
•    Learn various motivational theories and models that drive the productivity of your sales organization
•    Understand why sales employees stay committed – or leave – organizations.
•    Discover how to stimulate teamwork and empower staff
•    Develop skills for conducting performance reviews and setting sales benchmarks for continual improvement
•    Learn the critical skills for maintaining open communications
•    Learn how to actively listen and project an image of caring
•    Learn to deliver persuasive, passionate presentations and communications
•    Develop positive techniques to handle customer and employee objections and resolve conflicts
•    Understand how to better manage sales resources
•    Learn how to prioritize and develop key accounts
•    Learn to isolate new opportunities and identify new customers
•    Learn to manage meetings effectively
•    Make better decisions and understand the management decision making process
•    Develop the skills to better train and coach sales staff
•    Develop skills for analyzing a business and establish a mission, strategy, tactics and actionable goals
•    Understand how to build effective sales teams
•    Learn key methods to measure sales effectiveness
•    Learn how to translate organizational goals into actionable sales objectives and plans
•    Learn how to manage a multi-generational, diverse workforce
•    Learn to identify, interview and recruit top performing sales professionals
•    Learn how to maintain poise when faced with a difficult decision
•    Develop awareness to the sensitivity and handling of employee termination
•    Develop management and leadership skills where “caring counts”


Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Performance Management Academy.


Price: $2,990.00

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