The PMAC Programs - Comprehensive Public and Private Training Courses

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It’s true! Great Managers Produce Great Results! The Performance Management Academy provides six key Management courses that lead to strong leadership and management skills. The Art of Management is not just a theory - it is a necessity. Managers must lead in today’s challenging environment and motivate a multi-generational, diverse workforce to deliver on-going and impressive results.  Our premier course, Management Essentials, is the most comprehensive program of its type and is designed to provide a broad set of skills that lead to immediate implementation and positive impact.

The Management Series Includes:
Management Essentials
Management Essentials - "Express Essentials" Training Option
Strategy Development & Deployment
Art of Management & Spectacular Leadership
Art of Open and Persuasive Communications
Art of Open and Persuasive Communications - "Express Essentials" Training Option
Art of Negotiation (in Organizations)
Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Management Decision Making



Your Sales Organization is the most critical component to your success! They are your front line. They are your representatives. They are responsible for revenue – and they fundamentally affect profits. They are your resources for new business development and for maintaining and growing revenue. If they leave, you may be vulnerable. The management of the Sales Organization is one of the most complex and challenging tasks in your company. Don’t short-change your organization; recruit the best sales force and lead, train, manage and motivate them well. Most importantly, surround them with solid, caring and effective leadership. Your Sales Department is critical to your success!

The Sales Series Includes:
Sales Management Essentials
Fundamentals of Professional Sales & Selling
Art of Open Communication and Persuasive Presentations
Strategic Account Management and Business Development
Art of Sales Negotiation



Effective marketing leads to successful companies - delivering the right product and service at the right place at the right time at the right price! Successful companies know their customers and their target market. Successful marketing requires an innovative and compelling, cost-effective promotional plan. The Marketing Plan must be presented, endorsed and supported by the “total” company to ensure total corporate alignment and resource allocation. The customer must be identified and the organization must offer a unique positioning strategy that compels the client to buy. A thorough understanding of your core competencies will assist you in making the proper business decisions leading to strong long term results. You must build a customer-centric marketing strategy designed to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage. In summary, marketing is critical to your success!

The Marketing Series Includes:
Marketing Essentials
Business-to-Business Marketing
Strategic Marketing Management



The Short Series includes ½, 1 and 2 day courses in:
• Management and Motivation
• Retention and Reward
• Performance Management and Development
• Communication Skills
• Presentation Skills
• Handling Objections
• Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
• Business Analysis and Goal Setting
• Training and Coaching
• Art of Management
• Management Decision Making
• Strategic Account Management
• New Business Development
• Sales Negotiation Skills
• Negotiation Skills for Organizations
• B2B Marketing – For Sales People
• Marketing Essentials
• Business-to-Business Marketing
• Strategic Marketing


For details on availability or to book a private course, please contact the Performance Management Academy.

At the Performance Management Academy “The Art of Management is Alive!”