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The Performance Management Academy (ThePMAC) is a training and development organization committed to the Art of Management and Essential Management Training as well as Sales Leadership, Business Growth and Marketing skill development.

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What We Do:

The Performance Management Academy provides comprehensive training programs that improve the skill set of clients – and ultimately their organization’s success. In addition to training and development courses, services in the form of Business Consulting, Executive Leadership, Mentorship and Coaching complete our product offering. Several of these services can be utilized in tandem with our core training courses.

Who We Are:

The Performance Management Academy was founded by Charles Hendriks who plays a lead role in the delivery of our courses. Chuck has blue-chip academic and business experience which is utilized to its fullest at ThePMAC.The Performance Management Academy is committed to our principles and beliefs which results in the active, upbeat and passionate delivery of our programs.

Our Core Beliefs:

We are committed to our clients’ ability to achieve success through the development of their people and their organization. Our core belief is that effective, caring managers – skilled in their areas of responsibility with a focus on both short and long-term results – will lead to an overall better business environment with improved business results. We believe that an organization’s employees will always be their most important asset.At the Performance Management Academy “The Art of Management is Alive!”

Our Courses:

Our courses offer leading-edge material based on advanced, proven business concepts that are applied in practical scenarios. Training and development programs include a blend of presentations, group interaction, role play, case study and trial. With a focus on learning, the pace is aggressive and energetic – while promoting and encouraging involvement and interaction. The Performance Management Academy offers Public and Private Courses.


Courses are delivered at our clients’ locations and can be tailored to meet individual corporate needs.


Courses are delivered in "real time" through public, open-enrolment sessions.


If you would like, for all of our courses, we also offer ONE-ON-ONE Training and/or Coaching. Just Ask!

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"I found this course to be very practical as the instructor took the time to understand my development needs and personalize the course to my needs.  As the instructor was a seasoned management professional, I appreciated his advice and the wisdom of his experience.  This is a course I would definitely recommend to any individual working on a cross functional team or in a client-facing role.”

Open Communications and Persuasive Presentations
Customer Systems Engineering Specialist, TELUS

"ThePMAC's "Management Essentials course is an ideal introduction for those who are new to the management field. The course was very well prepared and the format allows for covering the basics as well as discussing situations that the (new) manager may encounter in the real world. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning the basics of managing.”

Management Essentials
Vice President, International Water Supply

"The entire 'Decision Making' course was extremely valuable. Our instructor led us through each stage from listening to principles of good decision making, brainstorming options to evaluation and finally presentation of the decision. The best part of the day was putting into practice what we had learned. (The instructor) was very passionate about the material and this invigorated the entire class."    

Management Decision Making
Marketing Consultant, Toronto Hydro

"Having Performance Management Academy work with our team was the best decision we could make. Together, we learned the importance of being a good manager – armed with useful information, practical tools and a common language to bring forward as we work to improve the quality of our interactions with one another and our staff. Our facilitator was very skilled and took every opportunity to take our comments and questions about present day situations in our work place, and put them in the context of the useful information we were learning through the course. It was interesting, engaging, and allowed us a whole new perspective on why, as managers, “how” we do something is just as important as “what” we do. I would recommend this workshop to any organization that values its employees and workplace health and productivity."

Management Essentials
Chief Executive Officer, First Nations Government Administration

"Your recognition of workforce challenges and enthusiasm for innovative Human Resources Management was clearly evident during your amazing presentation at the Conference Board 2008.  It was exciting to be there and to hear you articulate some very important messages, one of which was that due to immense variables in the workplace today, there is an increased need for improved, comprehensive, and different leadership and “caring” management training for the overall health of any size business.   You articulated these and other important messages very confidently and with an abundance of passion and genuineness."

Presentation to Conference Board of Canada
Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, Newfoundland and Labrador

"The course covered concepts such as the importance of careful, long-term decision making, brainstorming, steps for effective decision making, communication and presentation skills and decision making alternatives. As a CEO of a global company, I believe those are the pillars for great management, as this material is highly useful in the workplace. Also, the material was presented utilizing audio-visual tools, group discussions, interactive learning and exercises... which made it a joyful experience."

Management Series Training Course
CEO, Panorama

"You did a fantastic job of tailoring the course to our specific challenges ... and feel that, unlike other courses I've attended in the past, I can actually apply all of the techniques and concepts in real-life situations. I am particularly happy with all of the reference material and tools that you have left with us. We are already putting them to use."

Strategic Account Management and Persuasive Presentations
Supervisor Inside Sales and Training, Groupecho

"This course opened my eyes to the many elements of management. The material is perfectly selected, and it is solid. The more we covered, the more ambitious I became to use use it - even in my everyday life. The facilitator acted as a great mentor/instructor. His unique way of explaining the materials was extremely professional. I was inspiried, and the instructor became a role-model for me. I left this course willing to exert 110% on the job..."

Management Essentials - Express Essentials
Team Leader, Mobily Telecommunications

"The training provided practical ideas and methods that were easily put into practice. I immediately noticed a difference in my new approach with staff. In addition, the training was easily adapted to the engineering field which clearly made it more engaging and adaptable. This course is clearly an asset for emerging managers in an engineering or any professional public, private or government environment."

The Art of Management and the Elements of Spectacular Leadership
Professional Engineer, City of Vaughan

"The presentation, material and knowledge shared provided relevant and comprehensive best practices in recruitment and selection. The candidate screening and communications techniques were particularly insightful. I would definitely recommend this session to both new and seasoned recruiters and hiring managers. "

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Recruitment and Staffing Specialist, Nasittuq Corporation

"I really enjoyed this 2-day course... (The facilitator's) sense of humour and teaching style invites participation and open communications. I believe I learned from one of the best and I will put this material to good use... "

Art of Open Communications and Persuasive Presentations
Team Manager, J.M. Smucker Company

"(Management Essentials) was a great, well-structured course. The (Trainer) was excellent. Lots of material was provided that can be used for future reference. "

Management Essentials
Professional Engineer, SNC-Lavalin

" The feedback on your session with our managers yesterday was overwhelmingly positive... They were pleased with you as a presenter as well as the information presented. "

Presentation and Training to Management Group
Human Resources Manager, A City of Toronto Corporation

" This training helped me in learning various management skills; one of them being effective communication. It talked about how effective communications can bring about successful working relationships with the individual's peers and teams. The course materials were well selected and presented. The trainer was knowledgeable, professional and at the same time not lacking the human touch. I highly recommend this course to any new and aspiring supervisor or manager. "

The Art of Management and the Elements of Spectacular Leadership
Senior Accountant, Edwards Lifesciences Canada

" Our one-day training... was extremely beneficial. The training was very informative, (our Trainer / Facilitator) demonstrated extensive knowledge on the topics and helped us understand how to apply it to our professional careers. In the end, I was very satisfied with my experience. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn about progressive recruiting, interviewing and candidate selection. "

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Program Information Officer, Public Works and Government Services Canada

" The professional atmosphere and attitude of the instructor led to a very encouraging and positive atmosphere for learning. I was impressed by wealth of knowledge that the instructor had on the topics being covered. Additionally, the relaxed comfortable attitude of the instructor and the pace of the training helped me to focus and stay on point. "

The Art of Sales Negotiation
Sales Executive, Gentherm

" Great experience. I was able to learn and retain a lot of useful information regarding Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection. The trainer was extremely helpful and had an abundance of knowledge regarding this topic. He appreciated our needs and focused on certain areas that were essential to the success of our business. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning the basics of Interviewing/Recruiting. "

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Planning and Analysis Officer, Canada Border Services Agency

" As a manager of many years in different sectors of employment (eg; First Nations, Federal Government, Provincial Government and Private Sector) and having attended Management Training courses over the years, this three day (3-day) course was the most informative and motivational and provided the proper tools and knowledge on how to improve as managers. The Facilitator was most accommodating and I felt that all the people who participated felt very comfortable with him. He was very down to earth and extremely entertaining with his presentation style."

Management and Supervisory Essentials
Health Care Manager, First Nations Health Board

" Charles, I want to thank you very much for taking the time to speak to our CMA audience last night on the need for a Revival of the Art of Management. The subject was very timely given the demographic, cultural and business trends which you highlighted, not to mention the emphasis on skills and training in today’s federal budget. Your talk was both entertaining and enlightening, and I received lots of positive feedback about it after the event. Many of the 120 guests in attendance were vice presidents, controllers, and others who are in a position to influence the hiring and training of managers, so I believe your words gave them much food for thought and will hopefully result in positive changes. I hope you will have the chance to speak to our membership again in the near future."

Presentation to 120 Certified Management Accountants
District Coordinator, CMA Ontario

"Thank you very much for the training you provided... I appreciate that you catered the training to what I needed. Very good coverage of recruitment from the beginning of the process to the selection of the ideal candidate. "

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
HR Manager, Vishay Precision Group Canada

"In a presentation to the Innovator's Alliance, Charles Hendriks and The Performance Management Academy received excellent ratings by attendees of "Needed: A Revival of the Art of Management". One hundred percent (100%) of attendees gave a rating of "excellent" in response to the question about Knowledge of Subject Matter and 83% of attendees gave a rating of "excellent" to the question surrounding Group Engagement in the presentation. "Great interaction, very interesting and engaging. "

Presentation to Innovators Alliance - Needed: A Revival of the Art of Management
Post-Presentation Survey Results

"Thank you for an informative and enjoyable customized training session. We all walked away with practical applications and areas to work on. As promised, you delivered more than expected, and we will enjoy working with your material."

Negotiating and Closing Complex, Multi-Stakeholder Professional Services
Client Relationship, National Research Council Canada

"I recently attended the 1 day “Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection” course facilitated by ThePMAC. It was excellent. The facilitator and the course material were very well presented and taught in a manner that was easy to learn. I also appreciated that they went out of their way to choose my course location of choice. All in all, I would definitely recommend anyone taking this course – if you are just beginning to recruit in your company or as a refresher."

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
HR, Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

"As a newcomer to the sales industry I really appreciated you taking your time and covering the most important parts. Even though it was a lot to learn I feel as though you made it possible for me to get the most out of the course."

Fundamentals of Professional Sales & Selling
Sales, BioTrack, (Agricultural/Meat Processing Software)

"Interviewing is a skill & art that encompasses a lot of different aspects/attributes. This course focuses on those aspects very well. This is an essential skill & often overlooked/underestimated. ThePMAC has done a wonderful job of providing this well rounded course which provides excellent insight into this process. They provide practical, ready-to-use tools/templates which provide a distinct edge in interviewing skills for today’s competitive world! Great job."

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing & Selection
Engineering, Bell Canada

"In response to the question, did the presentation event satisfy your expectations?, the attendees responded "Yes", 96.77% of the time. Comments included: "Very good presentation on a most important topic", "Excellent speaker, with excellent knowledge of topic. Very good interaction with group. Would like to hear him again.", "Very good presentation on a most important topic", "The best event I have attended this year", etc. "

Keynote presentation: "NEEDED: A Revival of the Art of Management"
Presentation to: Chartered Professional Accountants, Certified Management Accountants of Ontario, Professional Development Institute

"Trainer was very flexible in tailoring the material to fit my professional development objectives."

Strategic Account Management and Business Development
Product Development, Royal Canadian Mint

"I was really impressed with ThePMAC. They went beyond my expectations to ensure all my needs were met. Their holistic approach in delivering the material allowed me to identify and use the skill set required to apply the mechanics of the course."

The Art of Negotiations
General Manager, Student Transportation Services

"The Performance Management Academy was able to teach this “old dog” a “new trick” and some! Charles took the time to evaluate my style and “hone” in on opportunities to enhance what was already there. I would highly recommend The Performance Management Academy for senior employees as myself as well as new and upcoming superstars in business. They sure seem to have all their bases covered – Thanks again Chuck!"

The Art of Open Communications and Persuasive Presentations
Regional Manager, EasyHome

"The “Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection” course was great! It was a very informative course that was delivered in a professional manner and thorough in regards to its content. The discussion was very engaging and I loved the fact that real life examples were integrated into the program. I would recommend this to anyone looking to gain knowledge or remain up to date in their HR practices. I look forward to taking additional courses with the Performance Management Academy. Overall, a very positive experience!again Chuck!"

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Human Resources, Toronto Community Housing

"Charles is a great facilitator who takes the time to understand you, your needs and the organization you work in, in order to tailor the content and provide the best possible program to get you to where you need to be. The course content is relevant and delivered in an easy-to-understand format designed for adult learning and aimed at helping you achieve success. I would highly recommend thePMAC for anyone looking to develop their skills, and I look forward to taking my next course!"

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Talent Acquisition, Cadillac Fairview

"My schedule was quite hectic and ThePMAC was more than accommodating in regards to scheduling the Management & Organizational Decision Making training course. My instructor... made every attempt to tailor the course material to fit my individual needs and was genuinely concerned with my individual satisfaction in the course, material and location. I highly recommend ThePMAC for future training opportunities."

Management Decision Making
Manager of Quality Assurance, Calgon Carbon Corp., USA

"(ThePMAC's trainer was) a great teacher with years of experience in the field, who knew how to deliver material with real life examples." "This class will help us develop in our sales career ..... but (also) as a person as well. Highly recommended."

Strategic Account Management and Business Development
Sales Representative, I-MED Pharma, Quebec

"The Fundamentals of Professional Sales and Selling course is an ideal introduction to sales. The material was very well made, lots of open communications, cases and role play. I really appreciated the training adjustment to my background and skills. (The Facilitator)is very knowledgeable, professional and I would highly recommend ThePMAC for anyone looking to develop their skills. "

Fundamentals of Professional Sales and Selling
Technical Sales Manager and Business Development, Alain Royer Consultants, Quebec

"Thank you very much for the workshops. They were very interesting and we all gained more knowledge with the items discussed. Great workshop and material....as well as interesting. Additionally, we had many laughs during the exercises. Thank you ThePMAC."

Management Essentials
Executive Director, Constance Lake First Nation

"Chuck did a great job presenting the material and I left the session with more confidence. Thanks Chuck."

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Recruiter, Schaefer System International Ltd.

"I really enjoyed the course! The material was extremely beneficial and (our Facilitator) made it engaging. I went in to the course with very little knowledge and a few days later, I am already using the techniques I learned! "

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Talent Acquisition and Management Coordinator, HelloFresh.

"Nerahten Developments Limited is committed to the training of its staff, that all of its employees perform their jobs properly and professionally in accordance with established policies and procedures. As we have stated to the Instructure on our departure, we were very satisfied with the five day management training session. The Instructor (Charles Hendriks) explained concepts and ideas effectively, facilitated discussion encouraged participation, responded to students’ questions and had thoroughly knowledge of the course material. The text book material was informative, current and classroom/ facilities was suitable. I feel that I have gained valuable skills and knowledge that will help me in my work performance. I would like to thank all the individuals who made this training session possible and would recommend this course to others. "

Management Essentials
Projects Administration, Nerahten Developments, Fort Good Hope, NT

"Excellent course at just the right pace. I got a lot of useful tools and learned so much in 1 day. I would highly recommend."

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Director of Operations, Babin Bessner Spry LLP

"I enjoyed my training day very much and felt the facilitator was full of knowledge and experience. I enjoyed that I could speak freely in order to understand what I have been doing in the past in order to do better in the future."

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Human Resource Talent Acquisition Specialist, Town of Georgina

"The training session was very informative. Charles “Chuck” Hendriks knows his stuff! He is very personable, and creates a training program where the material is easy to understand and put into practice. The session was just what I needed and tailored to my own learning style. I would definitely take a course from him again."

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Human Resource Recruiter, Maple Lodge Farms Ltd.

"The course that was presented was relevant and offered great takeaways that I can use in my everyday working relationships. This also provided me with an awareness of where I am - and a good guide on how to get where I want to be."

Management Essentials -"Express Essentials"
Manager, Hammerstone Corporation.

"The course was effective and engaging. The facilitator ... answered all of my questions and took the time to explain things we didn’t understand."

Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
Talent Acquisition, SGS Canada

"Charles was a speaker at our recent Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference & Tradeshow. His presentation on ‘The Art of Negotiation’ was one of the most well-attended sessions of the day. While the topic alone easily filled seats, it was Charles’ thoughtful delivery of his fascinating material that kept our audience of entrepreneurs and business leaders engaged throughout the presentation. Charles was professional yet conversational in his approach – an expert in his field and yet completely relatable. It was no surprise to our organizing team that the feedback following the session was all positive. We hope to work with Charles again inthe future and would highly recommend him as a speaker at any function."

The Art of (Communication and) Negotiation
Marketing and Events Manager, Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference

"I took this course not knowing what to expect and hoping to take away 1-2 learnings - and I left with pages of learnings that I was able to leverage immediately in my work and personal life. The instructor was kind, friendly and very supportive, making the course enjoyable. He used real-time situations that I provided to help teach me the materials which was very helpful and allowed me to implement some learnings immediately. I highly recommend taking this course - or another with this instructor - as this is not (just) a traditional communications course, but rather it covers perspective and social awareness in communication that I think is critical to success."

The Art of Communication, Open Communications, Persuasive Presentations and Conflict Resolution
Sr. Trade Marketing Manager, E & J Gallo Winery Canada

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