Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection Training Course

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To be the best, you need the best. The Performance Management Academy regards people as an organization’s most valuable asset and understands the need to effectively recruit and select the best employees. Today’s challenging environment means that you must understand your staffing needs and identify exceptional, ideal candidates from our multi-generational, diverse talent pool. Conducting thorough and valuable interviews and utilizing effective techniques, in an open communication environment, helps you to select – and be the best!
Course Summary:
The successful selection of exceptional people is one of the most essential tasks of any management group. Management must understand how to determine staffing needs, profile the ideal candidate and choose the most productive way of attracting, selecting and recruiting exceptional staff. Conducting thorough and effective interviews and utilizing successful techniques in an open communication environment, helps you to select the best, and be the best. These are skills worthy of development.

Course Outline and Key Topic Areas include:
•    Understanding Organizational Staffing Needs
•    Identifying Search Alternatives
•    Describing the Ideal Candidate
•    Screening Resumes and Candidates
•    Recognizing Resume Gaps and Identifying “Red Flags”
•    Preparing for the Interview
•    Interview Types (Behavioural, Traditional, Stress, Panel, etc), Steps and Process
•    Understand the Role of Open Communications and Listening Skills
•    Importance of Removing Biases from the Interview
•    Understanding and Respecting Personality Types
•    Interview Skills – Including Behaviour-Focused Interviewing
•    Develop Questioning-Technique Skills and Questions
•    Develop Behavioural Based Interview Questions
•    Conducting an Interview Utilizing Various Techniques and Styles
•    Probing versus Prompting
•    One-on-One and Panel Interviews
•    Maintaining Open Communications and Ensuring Candidate Self-Esteem
•    Having Established Criteria and Effective Note Taking
•    Evaluating Responses (Verbal and Non-Verbal) and Recognizing “Red Flags”
•    Legal Considerations – Do’s and Don’ts
•    Evaluating Candidates – Scoring versus Pre-Determined Criteria
•    Selection and Offer

1 day

Who Should Attend:
New, emerging, potential and tenured Managers. This is ideal for Sales, Marketing, Financial, Human Resource and Technical Managers – anyone engaged in the recruiting, selection and interviewing process.

How You Will Benefit:
•    Learn how to identify the need and to plan for the recruiting process and interviews
•    Develop a profile of the ideal candidate and begin the recruiting process
•    Develop skills for screening resumes and applications
•    Learn how to develop an objective Interview Planning Guide for note taking
•    Learn various interview styles and techniques for one-on-one and panel interviews
•    How to develop “behavioural” interview questions    
•    Learn how to develop and maintain open communications
•    Learn to evaluate responses, watch for verbal and non-verbal cues and maintain notes
•    Learn how to conduct (different types of) interviews
•    Learn what you can and can not ask during an interview
•    Learn how to recruit in a diverse, multi-generational, society
•    Understanding if the candidate has the ability and desire to do the job
•    Learn the importance of the candidate’s fit with the role and the organization
•    Learn how to demonstrate active listening skills and project an image of caring
•    Selecting the right candidate will result in reduced turnover, higher retention and overall organizational success

Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Performance Management Academy.


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