Management Decision Making Training Course

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The Performance Management Academy believes that free and open communications lead to healthy, vibrant and successful organizations where viewpoints and ideas are readily exchanged. Varying organizational goals and objectives result in daily issues that require daily decision making and problem solving skills – key “life skills” for all managers and employees. Management (and Organizational) Decision Making provides the tools to prevent and resolve disputes and to secure desired and successful outcomes.

Course Summary / Objectives:
Management Decision Making  provides managers and supervisors with the key tools for identifying, preventing and resolving issues through the effective implementation of problem solving and decision making skills. An emphasis is placed on achieving mutually satisfying alternatives in an “open communication environment” and the implementation of a desired solution. The course focuses on establishing the right environment as well as creative brainstorming and the effective evaluation of alternatives.

Content – Course Outline and Key Topic Areas include:
•    The Importance of Management Decision Making
•    Identifying Underlying Issues and Motivations Behind Problems
•    Understanding When Action is Required (Problem versus No Problem)
•    Effectively Listening to Understand the Real Issue
•    Gathering All Information (Form All Sources and Facts)
•    Alternative Styles of Decision Making
•    Learn to Creatively Brainstorm and Inspire Ideas and Solutions
•    Evaluating Alternatives through Scoring, Ranking and Understanding Impact
•    Handling Tough Issues and Managing an Ultimatum
•    Present your Ideas Clearly and Persuasively
•    Selecting the Best Alternatives
•    Steps to Effective, Open Dialogue and Conflict Resolution
•    Recognizing the Key Barriers to Open Dialogue   
•    Maintaining Open Communications during the Decision Making Process
•    Principles for Good Decision Making
•    Steps and Considerations for Effective Decision Making
•    Step-by-Step Handling of Decision Making
•    Securing a Win-Win-Win Solution (Short and Long Term Decisions and Solutions)
•    Considering the Big Picture and the Impact of Decisions
•    Implementing Solutions while Maintaining Open Communications and Creativity

1 day

Who Should Attend:
New, emerging, potential and tenured Managers. This is ideal for Managers, Supervisors, Project Leaders, Finance and Operational employees.

How You Will Benefit:
•    Learn the importance and the long term impact of making good decisions
•    Learn how to maintain poise during the emergence of a problem
•    Understand methods for gathering facts for effective decision making
•    Recognize various styles for handling decision making
•    How to set the tone for a successful problem solving    session
•    Learn how to tackle difficult situations via understanding optimal and alternative solutions
•    Learn how to develop and maintain open communications
•    Learn to present your ideas in a clear and persuasive manner
•    Learn the importance of effective listening during the decision making process
•    Develop skills that will allow you to lead creative brainstorming sessions
•    Learn how to isolate and evaluate alternatives for solving issues
•    Learn to identify optimal solutions through scoring and ranking alternatives
•    Recognize the need to achieve a long-term solution and achieve a win-win-win

Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Performance Management Academy.



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