Fundamentals of Professional Sales & Selling Training Course

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Your organization relies on successful Sales Professionals for continued revenue and profit growth and to open the doors to new business opportunities. This course provides the key tools to manage the sales job effectively. The Performance Management Academy is proud to present its newest proven, advanced and progressive skill development training package. The Fundamentals of Professional Sales and Selling prepares the Sales Specialist to compete, excel and win in today’s complex marketplace by providing the key tools to maximize their effectiveness.

Course Summary:
The Fundamentals of Professional Sales and Selling is designed to deliver skills and training that will lead to individual sales and organizational success. “Fundamentals” is a comprehensive development course with four focal points: Sales Negotiations, Strategic Account Management and Business Development, Open Communication and Persuasive Presentations Training and Business Analysis and Goal Setting. The course teaches participants how to understand, develop and shape current relationships and to seek and develop new opportunities. Additional emphasis is placed on coaching sales professionals how to communicate, present and negotiate effectively while adding value to client relationships.

Course Outline and Key Topic Areas include:
•    Traits of Strong Sales Professionals
•    Account Penetration and Customer Business Development
•    Buyer Behaviour and Business Buying Decision Making
•    Positively Affecting the Key Decision Makers and Buying Influencers
•    Understand Decision Making and Planning to Impact Decisions
•    Learn What Customers Want
•    Develop Open Communication and Utilizing Active Listening Skills
•    Recognize the Key Barriers to Open Communications
•    Deliver Impactful, Structured and Persuasive Presentations
•    Buyer Objection-Handling Skills
•    Business-to-Business Marketing Knowledge for Sales Professionals
•    Review Key Elements of CRM
•    Sales Negotiation Skills and Managing Negotiations
•    Steps to a Negotiated Solution and Achieving a “Yes”
•    Negotiation Types and Styles
•    Develop Your “Best Alternatives” and Empower Your “Walk Away” Position
•    Business Analysis and Establishing Goals
•    Effective Territory and Account Analysis
•    Strategic Key Account Planning
•    Importance of Sales Funnel Management
•    New Business Development, Identifying New Customers
•    Effective Cold Calling and Prospecting
•    Securing Customer Executive Buy-In to Long Term Strategic Plans

4 days (3 full days + 1 half-day)

Who Should Attend:
All Sales Professionals: Junior Sales Representatives, Account Executives, Sales Managers, etc. would benefit from improving their skills in these essential sales and selling areas.

How You Will Benefit:
•    Understand and learn to develop the key characteristics of strong sales professionals
•    Develop skills to secure relationships and ensure senior alignment through annual business reviews
•    Learn the important intangibles including the need for trust and consultative selling
•    Develop the skills to engage in new business development
•    Learn how to prospect, identify and secure new customers
•    Learn important cold calling techniques
•    Learn to develop effective prospecting techniques
•    Develop the skills for effective and strategic key account planning
•    Understand why maintaining “open” communications is essential to allow the free exchange of ideas
•    Learn to ask the key questions that stimulate discussion that leads to a sale
•    Learn the steps of a persuasive presentation
•    Learn how to secure “buy in” even before you present your plan or idea
•    Learn several techniques for securing a “close” and “asking for the order”
•    Understand verbal and non-verbal customer cues
•    Develop skills to handle buyer objections
•    Develop the confidence, skill-set and strength to enter into negotiations
•    Learn how to handle hardball negotiations and intimidation tactics – and solidify your relationship
•    Learn to identify and develop alternatives that strengthen your negotiating position
•    Learn to develop your “best alternatives” and empower your “walk away” position
•    Learn the steps to a negotiated solution and to achieving a “Yes”
•    Develop skills for analyzing a business and establish a mission, strategy, tactics and actionable goals
•    Understand the basics of customer relationship management
•    Learn what is important to buyers
•    Learn the importance of tracking business generation and a sales funnel
•    Understand the critical need for maximizing account penetration
•    Learn to impact buyer’s (influencer’s, etc.) ability to help shape decisions
•    Learn to plan, set and track actionable sales plans and objectives

Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Performance Management Academy.


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