Business to Business Marketing Training Course

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The Business-to-Business market is the community in which companies market and sells to other businesses, governments, institutions, etc. – and represents a leading component of the domestic economy. This popular seminar prepares your organization for the unique marketing needs in the B2B environment. This course covers products categories varying from “industrial” goods through large/complex custom-designed products through to “near-consumer” products (such as office supplies, etc) and even commodities. The course examines how the marketer can deliver sustainable competitive advantage in this environment.

Course Summary:
The course delivers an understanding of the theory and practice of business marketing while recognizing the complexities of marketing within this arena. The course reviews the unique challenges of derived demand and of dealing with the business buyer. Different products and their applications warrant unique selling styles and Business to Business Marketing reviews the unique handling of segmentation strategies, targeting and position that are required. Importantly, the course explores the various types of communication and sales strategies, including personal selling strategies, that are required to win in this marketplace.

Course Outline and Key Topic Areas include:
•    The Unique Nature of B2B Marketing, Customers and Derived Demand
•    Understanding Business Buyer Behaviour and Motivation
•    Business Buying Process
•    Unique B2B Customer Segmentation Strategies
•    Target Market Selection and Positioning
•    Channel Relationships, Conflicts and Options,
•    Integrated Marketing Communication and Promotional Strategies
•    Sales Management
•    Pricing Strategy, Delivering Value and Avoiding Commoditization
•    Unique Marketing Challenges and Opportunities in the B2B Sphere
•    Product Management and Branding Strategy
•    Marketing Strategy Implementation

2 days – the course is delivered mainly through lecture, group and case discussion

Who Should Attend:

New to mid - level marketing representatives and managers as well as sales managers, sales representatives and other company employees who impact or interact with the marketing function.

How You Will Benefit:
•    Learn the key marketing aspects and marketing solutions that will impact your business
•    Develop skills and strategies to create sustainable competitive advantage
•    Understand the unique challenges of marketing to customers who may not be the end-users
•    Develop a business-to-business marketing plan and secure corporate alignment
•    Learn to identify the key members of the buying organization and how to impact their decision making
•    Identify, secure and promote long-term, profitable customer relationships
•    Utilize business-to-business promotional tools such as trade shows, direct mail, sales promotions, etc
•    Learn the unique handling of business-to-business segmentation
•    Lean to segment your opportunities, target your market and position your business
•    Evaluate your competitors (e.g. SWOT Analysis) and develop strategies to maximize market share
•    Identify options for your go-to-market strategy including sales and channel options while reducing channel conflict
•    Learn how to create an integrated marketing communications plan

Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Performance Management Academy.



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