Art of Open Communication and Persuasive Presentations Training Course

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Communications and Persuasive Skills are the most valuable tools that a Sales Manager or Sales Professional needs to master. A critical Sales skill is the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively. Good listening skills go hand-in-hand with good management and presentation skills – and a Sales Manager must be able to articulate plans, diffuse conflicts and handle concerns with competence and tact. The Sales Professional must be able to convince and sell. This session provides the most comprehensive persuasive communication skills package available – critical training for the effective Management of people and the effective communication of ideas.

Course Summary:
The Art of Open Communication and Persuasive Presentations is focused on creating and maintaining an open dialogue along with the development of strong listening and customer presentation skills. You will learn to recognize the barriers to communications and discover how to achieve an open exchange and set the mood to achieve a win. Here you will learn to deliver an impactful, structured and persuasive presentation to new and existing clients.

Course Outline and Key Topic Areas include:
•    Maintaining Open Communications
•    Communicating Effectively and Persuasively
•    Effective Listening
•    Recognize the Key Barriers to Open Communications
•    How to Achieve an Open Exchange
•    Steps to Effective, Open Dialogue and Conflict Resolution
•    How to Communicate with Passion and Purpose
•    Putting the Buyer in a Position to say “Yes” – Even Before the Presentation
•    Deliver an Impactful, Structured and Persuasive Presentation
•    The Art of Convincing
•    Handling Objections and Concerns

2 days

Who Should Attend:
All Sales Professionals: Junior Sales Representatives, Account Executives, Sales Managers, etc. – this course is structured to ensure strong participation and a wide-range of learning opportunities. Persuasive and Open Communications Drive Sales, Productivity and Results!

How You Will Benefit:
•    Understand why maintaining open communications is essential for the free exchange of ideas
•    Learn to establish “trust” – an tool in your quest for persuasive communications
•    Understand the key communication requirements – and obstacles that could close dialogue (and the sale)
•    Learn the steps to active listening
•    Understand verbal and non-verbal customer cues
•    Understand the need for setting communication goals
•    Understand what is required for us to be believed
•    Understand the need for pre-call planning, preparation and rehearsals
•    Learn the steps of a persuasive communication/presentation
•    Develop the skills to effectively, and persuasively, present your proposals and ideas
•    Learn how to secure “buy in” even before you present your plan or idea
•    Understand how to overcome obstacles to communication
•    Learn how to “close” the sale
•    Learn several options for “asking for the order”
•    Develop the skills to reduce risks and handle objections to your ideas


Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Performance Management Academy.



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