Welcome to The PMAC - Public and Private Training Courses

The Performance Management Academy is a training and development organization committed to the Art of Management and Essential Management Training as well as Sales Leadership, Business Growth and Marketing skill development.  Our primary focus is Management Training and Sales Training. Additionally, we offer specialized courses in Interviewing Training and Marketing as well as training in other critical skill areas. The Performance Management Academy views an organization’s employees as their most important asset and is committed to the development of caring, effective and committed management and leadership.

At The Performance Management Academy, “The Art of Management is Alive!”

The Performance Management Academy offers the most impactful, comprehensive and flexible training programs. Our courses offer leading-edge material and theory coupled with advanced and proven business concepts that are applied in practical applications. These courses make a profound improvement in the success of an organization.

Courses are delivered in real-time at our clients’ locations or through public, open-enrolment sessions. We believe in optimizing your learning experience. If you would like, for all of our courses, we also offer ONE-ON-ONE Training and/or Coaching. Just Ask!

“Management Essentials” is our premier course which sets a standard for new, emerging, potential and tenured Managers, with the most comprehensive, proven and advanced skill development training available. Management Essentials, part of the Management Series, is an absolutely mandatory course for all Managers.

Training courses are available in four program categories:
The Management Series
The Sales Series
The Marketing Series
The Short Series