SOLD OUT!! March 20 Event: NEEDED: A Revival of The Art of Management is Sold Out!!

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The Performance Development Institute and the Certified Management Accountants West District Event scheduled for March 20, 2013 is Sold Out. At this event, Charles Hendriks and The Performance Management Academy will lead a presentation: NEEDED: A Revival of The Art of Management. Topic Description: "The evidence is clear: If an organization is to succeed, then the key to success lies with its people. It's been proven: organizational success and employee success and satisfaction are inter-twined. But most organizations fail at achieving employee engagement due to poor management practices and behaviours. On this special evening, Charles Hendriks will discuss change over the last 50 years and the implications for managers and management. He will engage the CMA audience in a thought provoking presentation which outlines why and how organizations must win back the commitment of their employees through management skill training and the development of appropriate management behaviours. It's time for a revival of the Art of Management". The event is being sponsored by The Lannick Group of Canmpanies and TD Bank.