Marketing Essentials Training Course

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This intensive Marketing course is for all marketers, including those wanting to brush up on their skills or upgrade their knowledge, and for those without a formal marketing background. Loaded with examples and practical applications, Marketing Essentials is designed to bring you quickly up-to-speed and to provide you with the tools to make you and your organization a success.

Course Summary:
Marketing Essentials blends theory and practice to facilitate immediate implementation and impact. You will learn to develop a strategic marketing plan for organizational implementation and integration with sales and customer plans. A review of the marketing environment (social, economic, legal, regulatory, competitive, and technological forces) is used to help develop the segmentation, targeting and market positioning strategy for implementation along with the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion). The goal is the identification and delivery of organizational competitive advantage and customer satisfaction – key to long-term revenue growth, profitability and success.

Course Outline and Key Topic Areas include:
•    Marketing Planning, Business Case and Business Strategy
•    Understanding the Business and Marketing Environment
•    Market Research
•    Understanding and Impacting Consumer Behaviour
•    Consumer Demographics
•    Business Buyer Behaviour
•    The Unique Elements of Service Marketing
•    Market Segmentation, Target Market and Positioning
•    Product Management
•    Pricing and Value Determination
•    Advertising, Promotional and Communication Planning
•    Strategic Channel Management and Distribution

1 or 2 days (see below) – the course is delivered mainly through lecture, group and case discussion

Who Should Attend:

New to mid - level marketing representatives and managers as well as sales managers, sales representatives and other company employees who impact or interact with the marketing function. This course assumes no previous background in marketing.

How You Will Benefit:
•    Develop a marketing plan for organizational implementation and integration with sales and customer plans
•    Appreciate the impact of the market environment on the development of the marketing mix
•    Learn market segmentation techniques that result in effective targeting and positioning strategies designed to maximize market share
•    Effectively launch new products and services and achieve marketing objectives
•    Understand cost effective market research techniques
•    Learn the advantages of market segmentation
•    Learn how consumer behaviour can impact the advancement of product strategies
•    Develop appropriate pricing strategies that align with marketing objectives
•    Apply product strategies and brand management principles to guide your product portfolio through the stages of the product life cycle
•    Understand modern channel management strategies and alternatives
•    Identify the best advertising, communications and promotion options designed to achieve marketing and corporate objectives

Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Performance Management Academy.



NOTE: Marketing Essentials MAY BE OFFERED as a 1-DAY OR a 2-Day Course.
The 1-Day course is a faster pace - with all major content areas covered.
The 1-Day Price is $990. The 2-Day Price is $1,590.
The dates are shown below.
You may register here for the 2-Day course.
FOR THE 1-Day Course registration, please call with credit card to register.


Price: $1,590.00

Please select the preferred date of the program you'd like to register for. See Locations and Schedule.