The Management Series - Management Training Courses, Workshops and Seminars

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It’s true! Great Managers Produce Great Results! The Performance Management Academy provides six key Management courses that lead to strong leadership and management skills. The Art of Management is not just a theory - it is a necessity. Managers must lead in today’s challenging environment and motivate a multi-generational, diverse workforce to deliver on-going and impressive results.  Our premier course, Management Essentials, is the most comprehensive program of its type and is designed to provide a broad set of skills that lead to immediate implementation and positive impact.

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The Management Series Includes:
Management Essentials
Management Essentials - "Express Essentials" Training Option
Strategy Development & Deployment
Art of Management & Spectacular Leadership
Art of Open and Persuasive Communications, Listening and Conflict Management
Art of Open and Persuasive Communications - "Express Essentials" Training Option
Art of Negotiation (in Organizations)
Progressive Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection