To Be Successful, Supervisors Must Develop and Maintain Positive Working Relationships With Their Employees

To Be Successful, Supervisors Must Develop and Maintain Positive Working Relationships With Their Employees. Interesting article from Tunde Ogunfowora, University of Calgary in the Report on Business, Feb., 6th, 2015

All Levels of Management Must Be Trained How to Effectively Recruit, Interview and Select the Best Employees

All Levels of Management Must Be Trained How to Effectively Recruit, Interview and Select the Best Employees. It's scary just how many recruiters and interviewers have no formal training in this area. Today, all leaders must understand modern interview techniques, including Behavioural Interviewing - and be prepared to develop questions and carefully evaluate and select candidates.

April 25 - Presentation to Professional Development Institute - Limited Availability Remaining

Presentation on the need for Managers to adopt progressive people-management principles and to engage in caring, long term thinking.

October 1 presentation to Innovator's Alliance a success. Participants engaged in the need to address Management Talent.

The October 1, 2013 presentation to Innovator's Alliance was a success. The participants actively engaged in a discussion surrounding the need to address Management Skill training and the overall need to improve management talent.

SOLD OUT!! March 20 Event: NEEDED: A Revival of The Art of Management is Sold Out!!

The Performance Development Institute and the Certified Management Accountants West District Event scheduled for March 20, 2013 is Sold Out. At this event, Charles Hendriks and The Performance Management Academy will lead a presentation: NEEDED: A Revival of The Art of Management. Topic Description: "The evidence is clear: If an organization is to succeed, then the key to success lies with its people. It's been proven: organizational success and employee success and satisfaction are inter-twined. But most organizations fail at achieving employee engagement due to poor management practices and behaviours. On this special evening, Charles Hendriks will discuss change over the last 50 years and the implications for managers and management. He will engage the CMA audience in a thought provoking presentation which outlines why and how organizations must win back the commitment of their employees through management skill training and the development of appropriate management behaviours. It's time for a revival of the Art of Management". The event is being sponsored by The Lannick Group of Canmpanies and TD Bank.

Management without leadership is bad management! But leadership alone is not enough. We need Managers – who can lead!

“Management without leadership is bad management! But leadership alone is not enough. We have focused on leadership – but forgotten management. We must recognize that we need Managers – who can lead!”

Thinking Big: We Need Better Management

Recent Article: We need Better Management! " your eyes to what's been happening in management in the last few years - it's become a disaster area". We need caring and skilled people, committed to a passionate resolve to achieve results in a productive and successful environment. - Quote from Toronto Star article Nov 2011 - Thinking Big

People Are The Most Critical Element To Any Business' Success - Invest In People; Invest In Training

People Are The Most Critical Element To Any Businesses Success - Invest In People; Invest In Training.

Managers need to motivate, retain and reward staff using effective and passionate communication and people skills. They must train and coach to optimize the performance of their staff and they need to define a strategy for their workplace and set meaningful goals and objectives. Managers must direct multi-generational workforces and deliver caring, effective leadership.

"We Should Be Seeing Managers As Leaders And Leadership As Management Practised Well"

"Management is a practice that depends on art, and that is learned by experience and rooted in context."

"For Mintzberg, community means caring about our work, our colleagues and our place in the world. 'The banks and other U.S. corporations were managed by egocentrics who ran companies into the ground. Human resources are downsized at the drop of a share price. What a monumental failure of management.'"

"We should be seeing managers as leaders and leadership as management practised well."

From The Toronto Star, September, 2009 - "Management Master Has World's Attention"
Based on Henry Mintzberg, Desautels Facuulty of Management, McGill University



Seven Tips For Management Success

An effective manager pays attention to many facets of management, leadership and learning within organizations. So, it's difficult to take the topic of "management success" and say that the following ten items are the most important for management success. I will, however, suggest seven management success skills without which I don't believe you can be a successful manager.

The most important issue in management success is being a person that others want to follow. Every action you take during your career in an organization helps determine whether people will one day want to follow you.

A successful manager, one whom others want to follow:

  1. Builds effective and responsive interpersonal relationships. Reporting staff members, colleagues and executives respect his or her ability to demonstrate caring, collaboration, respect, trust and attentiveness.
  2. Communicates effectively in person, print and email. Listening and two-way feedback characterize his or her interaction with others.
  3. Builds the team and enables other staff to collaborate more effectively with each other. People feel they have become more - more effective, more creative, more productive - in the presence of a team builder.
  4. Understands the financial aspects of the business and sets goals and measures and documents staff progress and success.
  5. Knows how to create an environment in which people experience positive morale and recognition and employees are motivated to work hard for the success of the business.
  6. Leads by example and provides recognition when others do the same.
  7. Helps people grow and develop their skills and capabilities through education and on-the-job learning.
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